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Whether you want to offer a couple of hours or a longer term commitment, there are a range of ways your organisation can get involved.

Work Experience (30-40 hours. In a week block or 1 day a week for 5-6 weeks)
A work experience placement is a great opportunity to provide an insight into the world of work, set realistic expectations of employment and provide exposure to your sector.

Volunteering (anything from a few hours to a long term committment)
Volunteering can help to build many of the skills employers are looking for, whilst benefiting your business too. It can lead to long term support for your organisation and provide someone with the vital experience they need.

Industry Site Visits (2-4 hours)
Raise awareness of your organisation and the opportunities within it. A site visit is usually run with small groups over a couple of hours, with the option to expand to offer ‘have-a-go’ activities where more involvement is suitable.

Employer Talks (1 hour)
Raise awareness of your sector, organisation and job roles through employer talks with groups local people. Talks also provide a great opportunity to manage expectations of what skills and attitudes are required to work in the industry. Employer talks can be delivered on your premises or off-site.

Mock Interviews (1-3 hours)
Prepare future employees to successfully enter the world of work and provide an insight into your recruitment processes . Running mock interviews is a flexible way to engage with groups of people seeking to enter employment in your industry.

Careers Fairs (2-4 hours)
Showcase your vacancies to people looking for work. Our Careers Fairs are open to all ages and are run in various locations across Yorkshire and the Humber. Many events often provide the opportunity to interview and hire job ready candidates on the day.

Community Based Projects (anything from a few hours to a few days)
If you’re looking to make improvements in your local community but need the support of those around you, community based projects can provide an excellent way to build the skills of local people whilst working towards a common goal.

Vacancy matching and filling (anything from a few hours to a few days)
Work with our teams to identify job ready candidates for the roles you need to fill. We can support prospective employees through your recruitment process, from application form to interview, ensuring we match people with the right skills and attitudes for the jobs you have on offer. 

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