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We work in partnership with employers to support the local workforce

Did you know that by helping people in your local area to gain experiences in the work place, your business can reap real benefits.

  • enhance your public profile within your local community
  • raise awareness of your industry, organisation and available job roles
  • motivate people to choose a career at your organisation, helping with future recruitment drives
  • fill current vacancies with job ready candidates
  • manage expectations and build the skills sets of your future workforce
  • promote workforce diversity and improve your corporate social responsibility


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Whether you want to offer a couple of hours or a longer term commitment, there are a range of ways your organisation can get involved, from work experience to attending careers events.

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Our Current Projects

We’re dedicated to supporting social and economic regeneration within our region and work flexibly with employers and other partners to ensure our work is informed by real labour demand and helps to close the skills gaps within the area. Take a look at some of the projects where employers are making a real difference.

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Why is it important to work with young people and your community?

By taking part in meaningful encounters with employers, people within your communities have a better understanding of the world of work in their local area. It helps to provide them with information on the industries and careers available to them and can set the expectations of what a job will entail and what qualities employers are looking for. For those who have limited career history or long term unemployment, it provides them with the vital experience needed to take their next steps up the job ladder. For young people, it helps to identify the career path they may or may not want to take and helps them see how the work they do in education can link to their future choices. Not only this, but for all involved it helps to build the much sought after ‘soft skills’ such as communication, team work and organisation. Working together can help to ensure a stronger and more productive workforce of the future.


“Whilst carrying out her voluntary work, the learner really ‘fit in’ with our team. She showed initiative and was always happy to help. As a result, we offered her a paid position within our organisation as a Level 2 Apprentice.”
Karmand Nursery

“The staff at aspire-igen are exceptional with liaising with employers with regards to providing information, dates, times and other crucial details
necessary for our knowledge of who is attending the placement, when they are attending and for how long.”
Leeds City Council Parking Services

“My experience of working with aspire-igen has been positive, I feel as long as the employers are fully informed and have the support and capacity to take on a learner then it would be very rewarding for all parties involved”

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